What You Should Know About Giving Your Dog CBD

CBD meals are popular for people everywhere but now pet owners are considering Cannabidiol for their beloved pets. It does sound strange and some pet owners would say CBD isn’t suitable for their dog; however, more are considering it. Cannabidiol is everywhere it seems and there are many forms of it appearing too. The idea of giving CBD to a dog is down to easing pain of ailing or ageing pets. It’s a smart idea – if it actually succeeds – but is CBD safe to use on a pet, and should you give it to your dog? Read more about CBD use on pets clicking here

Studies Are Lacking

Unfortunately, while there have been some limited studies carried out on lab rats and mice, they lack with dogs. Cannabidiol may be a popular choice for humans but dogs are quite different. Since there is a lack of studies carried out on dogs that does leave some room for concern. And, there are no guarantees CBD oil will work on a dog either. The trouble is that you can’t be sure (or know) if Cannabidiol is working because the dog can’t say so. Your dog can’t say their aches or pains are gone so there is an element of the unknown.

Side Effects and Drawbacks

Cannabidiol looks like an attractive prospect because it, apparently, offers some positive health benefits. Unfortunately, there may be some side effects or drawbacks from CBD, including nausea and dry mouth. While a human can say if they’re experiencing these things, a dog can’t. That’s where the real problem lies because a dog can’t speak; they can bark but can’t say in words you understand if they’re in pain or dislike CBD. Using CBD meals for dogs can be a major risk for most pet owners.

What You Should Know About Giving Your Dog CBD


Is CBD Oil Safe For Your Pet?

Cannabidiol may be able to ease pain, especially in older dogs, but you don’t know how effective it will be. For example, your pet is seven years old and he has arthritis forming in his joints. You add CBD in his food or apply it topically and wait for the results. However, you don’t actually know if the Cannabidiol has worked. You can’t ask your dog if he is still experiencing pain and you can’t be sure if it’s entirely safe for him either. You don’t know if your dog dislikes CBD or the true effect of it. CBD meals for dogs may sound like a good idea but there are questions surrounding the safety of it on your pet. read more information about CBD safety for dogs by visiting https://agr.wa.gov/departments/food-safety/food-safety/hemp-cbd-in-food

Be Careful Around Your Dog

CBD is a great idea for those who deal with daily pain and have high-stress levels; unfortunately, pets are different from humans. Dogs can’t always say they don’t like or want CBD, even if they experience arthritis. What’s more, you don’t know the true effects or impact on a dog by giving them CBD. Some pets may experience no problems but others might; it’s troubling because you want to keep your pets safe and are torn over what to do. Speaking to your vet may be the best solution if you want to give your dog CBD oil.…